Third Party Ads Allowed on Google Content Network

May 23rd, 2008 at 12:00 am

google adsense

Google Adsense, the largest ad platform on the web today has opened its doors to third party vendors. This allows other ad vendors (pre-approved by Google) to serve ads on sites of Adsense subscribers.

The service is now currently open for North American Google content network only where Google has in place a number of third party vendors reviewed and confirmed as legitimate ad servers who comply with Google’s format standards and policies. These vendors already have a proven track record with Google. The reason that third parties weren’t allowed before was this compliance which Google claims to already have in place. Moreover, third party vendors can now apply for a certification from Google to allow them to serve ads.

Advertisers (adsense users) can customize the access to third party vendors’ ads. Meaning, it’s still the advertisers’ call whether or not to allow the third party to serve text or image ads on their sites.

"Advertisers and agencies will now be able to manage their Google content network campaigns with the same systems they use for other online campaigns, which is helpful for determining the effectiveness of their online advertising mix. Further, this new service gives advertisers and agencies more opportunities to increase their return on investment and reach new audiences in informed and creative ways. The response from those testing early versions of the program have been positive."

The program is as usual another effort of Google to increase revenues for both Google and its partner vendors, and enhance user experience.

Check out the Official Google Blog for more details.