Ubuntu to Unveil Mobile Version

May 23rd, 2008 at 12:00 am

ubuntu mobile

Canonical , the company responsible for bringing use the much loved easy-to-use and always free alternative to Windows OS, Ubuntu, will be announcing a mobile version of the Linux based OS called Netbook Remix.

"We’re announcing it in the first week of June. It’s called the Netbook Remix," Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth said in an interview, "We’re working with Intel, which produces chips custom-made for this sector."

Ubuntu has been developing a mobile version of the OS for a couple of months now and it is taking a toll on the company.  However, Shuttleworth says that that’s ok and  it’s worth  "pushing back the company’s move to profitability."

Anyway, the Netbook Remix (honestly, they could have stuck with ‘Ubuntu’ ) will be a mobile OS to compete with Symbian, Windows Mobile, and OSX for mobile devices.  Symbian is now the leader in this market and Windows Mobile 6 is getting a lot of traction while OSX is planning to take over the world when the 3G iPhone is released.  Another mobile OS is also int he pipeline from Google, called Android.  T-Mobile has already confirmed that it will be trying out an Android handset but we still don’t know how that will go (although reports say the Android is great).

So that’s more than enough mobile operating systems to choose from and just like Ubuntu, we hope that Netbook Remix captivates us and proves itself as a viable alternative to Windows.