Baby for Sale on eBay Confiscated by State

May 26th, 2008 at 12:00 am

baby barcode

Some jokes should not be played. Remember that warning about saying bomb jokes in the airport? This is something like that.

A woman (and apparently husband) tried to sell their baby on eBay. According to the mother, it was simply a joke. The unnamed 8-month old baby boy was taken into state custody while the mother will be going under investigation for suspicion of child trafficking.

The eBay ad for the baby was online for about two hours when some users notified authorities of the oddly disturbing item for sale. "Offering my nearly new baby for sale because it cries too much. Male, 70 cm long and can be used either in a baby carrier or a stroller." Fortunately nobody made an offer. eBay has taken down the ad since and police are investigating both of the child’s parents who will be gong in for psychiatric tests and further questioning.

Renee Beck, a police spokesman in the Bavarian town of Krumbach west of Munich, said on Saturday the 23-year-old woman told them it was only a joke.

But he said police were nevertheless continuing their investigation and the baby was put in state custody.

"She says it was a joke," he said. "That’s not yet clear. Detectives are investigating on suspicion of child trafficking." [Reuters ]