A Theme Park in the UK is Putting a Ban on PDAs

May 27th, 2008 at 12:00 am

pda free zone

Alton Towers Resort will be piloting a "PDA Free Zone" during May Half Term (May 25th – June 1st inclusive), to encourage parents to disconnect from the office and reconnect fully with their families. PDA police will be onsite to enforce the ban and any adult caught using a PDA whilst at the Resort will be asked to report to one of five "PDA Drop Off Zones" where they can safely leave their PDA’s for the day. If the scheme is successful, it will be introduced full time.

Russell Barnes, Divisional Director for the Alton Towers Resort explains; "What we have here is the ultimate short break location where every member of the family can unwind and have fun. We feel it’s so important for parents and kids to focus on nothing more than having the best possible time, we are prepared to take drastic action to ensure that parents really leave their work behind!"

Implementing the scheme will have about 2 dozen "PDA Spotters" in the park. If anybody is spotted using a PDA, smartphone or any other suspicious work-related gadget, the individual will be compelled and even escorted to drop-off their device in a secure deposit area. There is no mention as to how much compelling the spotters will make and what sanctions the park will administer on violators.

There is a lot of sense in this policy. Maybe we have been working too hard these days and sometimes simply need to unplug. Besides, thekids would enjoy their parental units’ full attention once in a while especially in a theme park.