Android Streetview Demo Wows Crowd

May 29th, 2008 at 12:00 am

android street view google android mobile OS


The release of the 3G iPhone is one of the events to highlight my year.  I had my sights set on getting the new iPhone ’til today.

I’ve been following Google’s mobile OS since they announced it and always believed that it would be something great, better than Windows Mobile, Symbian and MacOS for the iPhone.   Android’s interface when screenshots first appeared seemed to be enough, however, today at the Google I/O conference, they demoed an Android running on what seems to look like an iPhone (it’s probably a Samsung or HTC).  OMG, it was so cool.

Since Google owns Google Maps and Streetview, why not put it in Android where people would actually use it while walking?  They did.  The result is a motion detecting Streetview and compass.  Remember that feature of high-end touch screen phones that detect motion to tilt the picture when you tilt the camera?  Well, Android developers took advantage of this and made it the input of the Android based Streetview and compass.  This means that you could virtually turn the phone and the view on the map turns with it.

Watch it here to get what I mean.