Google Fails Binary

May 29th, 2008 at 12:00 am

google IO shirt

It’s an honest mistake.  Besides, not everybody will notice.

I gotta give it to Google, the design for the Google I/O shirt is great.  Creative, relevant, witty and wrongly spelled.   All those adjectives are true.

Anyway, it’s the Google I/O conference and of course there’ll be thousands of developers present there.  Geeks who probably speak in binary 1’s and 0’s.  You’d actually expect too that Google would have a spell checker especially for a design on a shirt they’ll be giving away in the thousands.  However, Murphy’s law happens, if something could go wrong, it would.  And it did.

Google’s souvenir  shirt for the I/O conference has a great design concept by spelling out "GOOGLEIO" in binary dots.  Small dots for 0’s and bigger dots for 1’s.  However, somebody made a booboo by spelling out "GOOGLEKO" instead. FAIL.

G: 01000111
O: 01001111
O: 01001111
G: 01000111
L: 01001100
E: 01000101
K: 01001011
O: 01001111

The K should have been an I which in binary is 01001001.  Just a 1 away on the second bit (which in binary is 2) made I skip J to K.

Oh well , the design still looks great and afte a couple of weeks nobody’s going to notice the error.