Fake Israel Interviews Cyan Banister of Zivity

May 30th, 2008 at 12:00 am


I wish I could say that I go to Zivity for the artistic photography.  Problem is, there’s a lot of nude chicks in there!  So, weak a  man am I, loves Zivity more for the hot naked ladies than the interesting photography.  Besides, Zivity is based on promoting beauty, I suppose drooling over hot naked women is part of that. Aw come on, stop smirking, it’s true.

Anyway, a lucky puppet had I great interview with Zivity’s Chief Strategy Officer, Cyan Banister.  Lucky (especially for the puppet’s handler and camera man) because Cyan Banister is hot and you’ll see more of her near the end.

Cyan was there to promote Zivity of course.  Here’s her official "About Us" description:

"Cyan Banister is Zivity’s 24-7 energy dynamo and inspirational role-model/den mother for Zivity’s exploding community of models and aspiring models. She has succeeded in a dizzying array of leadership roles throughout her career, from leading technical operations teams to driving marketing campaigns to being the CTO of a nonprofit helping women master technology. Afraid of nothing, Cyan’’s mission for Zivity is putting models first and creating a safe environment to nurture artistic freedom."

And see the video here