Minnesota Town has their Pictures Removed From Google Maps Street View

June 2nd, 2008 at 12:00 am

north oaks

Google Street View, I think, is a great service. I personally do not mind pictures of my street, my house or my city broadcast over the net in a map.

There are people who think otherwise. Some individually complained about their faces, cars , license plates or homes, being published in the Google Maps Street View. Now, a whole city complained and requested Google to take down the pictures of their streets.

Apparently, Google is trespassing on the privacy of others with Street View. A town in Minnesota called North Oaks filed a complaint against Google about the company trespassing on their privately owned streets. North Oaks is a community of 4500 people and homeowners. The subdivision was one of the places Google Maps Street View covered.

The privately owned city had no-trespassing signs on their streets which apparently Google overlooked. When the images of North Oaks roads and homes appeared on Google Maps, the city’s mayor compelled Google to take down the photos citing that they will press charges for trespassing if the search giant did not.

Google complied with the request. North Oaks’ Mayor Thomas Watson told a local newspaper , "It’s not the hoity-toity folks trying to figure out how to keep the world away. They really didn’t have any authorization to go on private property."

Google does not seem to have any malicious intent for taking pictures of roads and putting it on Google Maps Street View but many privacy advocates care too much about the "invasion" Google is apparently doing.