Free WiFi at Starbucks

June 3rd, 2008 at 12:00 am

starbucks coffee at&t logo

Ok, not exactly free but very close to it.

Starbucks ended their 7-year love affair with their in-store internet provider T-Mobile earlier this year and signed up with AT&T. Today, after months of finalizing plans and schemes to rebound the declining Starbucks customer base, they are officially announcing a rewards program that will give their customers 2 hours free WiFi everyday. AT&T provides the internet of course.

The rewards program revolves around the reloadable Starbucks card. Having being sold for 7 years now, the Starbucks card is available for $5. Customers register their card online and present the card whenever they make a purchase. The free internet program is part of the rewards program for the Starbucks Card holders. Cardholders will be entitled to 2 consecutive hours of free WiFi use everyday at any of the 7000 Starbucks stores in the US provided that they use their Starbucks Card at least once a month.

The entire rewards program is on e of Starbucks’ schemes to entice back customers in this time of economic downfall. Since the dollar started to weaken, Starbucks has been losing customers and the rewards program including the free WiFi is one of their strategies to win back customers and in the process gather data.