SoftBank to Bring iPhone to Japan

June 4th, 2008 at 12:00 am

japan iphone

Last year, Steve Jobs went to Japan to discuss possible partenerships with Japanese mobile providers to distribute the iPhone.  NTT DoCoMo was on the list as the primary provider Apple wanted to have.

AS it  turns out,  Apple may not have gotten what they wanted exactly because it will not be NTT DoCoMo distributing the iPhone in the land of the rising sun.  SoftBank, the second choice announced in one of the shortest press releases that they will be the ones to sell the iPhone.

"SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp. today announced it has signed an agreement with Apple® to bring the iPhone™ to Japan later this year." 

Softbank spokesman Naoki Nakayama said no further details, such as pricing and dates, were available, and he said it’s not clear if the deal is exclusive. [AP]

Five days before we actually confirm the 3G iPhone from Steve Jobs’ keynote at the WWDC (on Monday), SoftBank may already have spoiled the fun.  Why? WeEll, SoftBank does not have a 2G network anymore.  Do the math and you (somehow) get 3G.