Come to Disneyland Without Leaving

June 5th, 2008 at 12:00 am

disney world in 3d

Google Earth has already made it easier for us to circle the globe as much as we want.  They also made it possible to explore the skies and even fly your own plane in case you did not have one.

Today, Google announced that Disneyland in Google Earth has completely been rendered in 3D.  Rides and all.  So if you’re too cheap to show your kids a good time and fly down to Orlando, take them to your computer and hook it up to a DLP projector ( at least to make the picture big enough).

Google’s official blog says,

"..Walt Disney World® Resort in 3D, an interactive, virtual Walt Disney World completely recreated on Google Earth. This revolutionary project features 3D models of our four Orlando theme parks and more than 20 of Disney’s Resort hotels. Incredible in scope — containing over 1,500 3D models — Walt Disney World Resort in 3D is the most detailed 3D rendering undertaken on Google Earth to date."

"From the summit of Space Mountain® to the watery confines of the Pirates of the Caribbean®, we invite you to explore the Walt Disney World Resort in Google Earth. It’s the next best thing to being there." 

And sure it is.  It’s been getting a lot of press attention lately and a lot of bloggers who are children at heart have been poking around Google Earth trying to relive or live for the first time the Magic only Disneyland can give.