Possibly 3G iPhones Secretly Arriving in Stores

June 6th, 2008 at 12:00 am

Apple resellers in Australia have received a package from Apple Australia which they cannot open until June 10. The "do not open" sticker on the box claims that opening of the box will be in breach of a non-disclosure agreement (between Apple and the reseller).

Many speculate that these packages contain a 3G iPhone as a demo unit to be displayed in stores after the WWDC keynote of Steve Jobs on June 9, Monday, which is about June 10, Tuesday in Australia.

Unless somebody x-rays the package, nobody can yet be sure if this is a 3G iPhone that Steve Jobs will be unveiling and introducing to the world on Monday.

We’re pretty sure that the 3G iPhone will be introduced on Monday, besides, all the logistics and partnerships are in place worldwide. The only remaining thing for Jobs to do is take down the curtain on Apple’s latest gadget.

Apple has been very secretive of the latest release. Posters have begun to dangle form the Moscone center where the keynote will be done. The streamers however, do not give a definite clue whether or not i’t’s really the 3G iPhone.

It’s still highly possible that the contents of those boxes are indeed a 3G iPhone.