Apple Unveils the New iPhone 3G

June 10th, 2008 at 12:00 am

Whew!  It’s been all the buzz and I’m jumping on the bandwagon.  If you’ve been living under a rock, insanely oblivious, or simply did not know yet, Apple has unveiled the new iPhone 3G at the WWDC 2008 in San Franciso yesterday morning.  So why am I writing it just now? Simple, had no time yesterday.

So, the big day everyone has been waiting for came and went.  Satisfied with the announcement Steve Jobs made in his keynote? Oh yeah.  Just like any other Stevenote, Jobs’ pitching will get you at hello.

So if you missed it, Apple has the whole Stevenote on video here .  It’s also been on most technology blogs  so I you want more insight just search "iPhone 3G".

So, in a nutshell (a big one) here’s a summary of Steve Jobs’ keynote speech at the WWDC 2008.

->  "I’m so excited…" – As usual, Steve Jobs is excited to show off his new merchandise.

-> iPhone 2.0 –  No, it’s notyet the new iPhone, it’s the new iPhone firmware that addresses most of the problems and feedback Apple got from the first iPhone.  The new firmware includes support for Enterprise, whic features complete compatibility with Microsoft Exchange, email push, VPN, etc. and new features to make the iPhone business / enterprise / military friendly.  The new software development kit (SDK) was extensively explained by Scott Forstall starting with its beta release back in March and a lot of new demos on how easy it is to make apps for the iPhone with the SDK. A couple of apps and app makers were featured to show off games, music, email and medical apps. After the SDK, Steve Jobs gave a little preview of the new features which included language support, MS Office compatibility, parental control and other details.

-> App Store – basically Steve introduced the iTunes for the iPhone Apps, 3 new ways to distribute apps to users.

-> MobileMe – Phil Schiller discusses the new MobileMe Web2.0 webtop environment. MobileMe replaces Apples .Mac, a cloud based environment that simulates enterprise features for non enterprise users. MobileMe dubbed “Enterprise for the rest of us” is a personal space on the web for anybody willing to pay $99 a year for 20 GB of cloud space where email, pictures, calendar and contacts and file storage can be accessed anytime anywhere from any computer or iPhone. MobileMe emphasizes the Push capabilities of the iPhone and computers up and down the cloud.

-> iPhone 3G – Finally the momnet everybody has been waiting for was saved for last. Stece Jobs recaps the problems they encountered with the original iPhone starting with 3G, Enterprise Support, Third Party applications, international distribution and affordability. Of course, Jobs’ presentation style is quite predictable, obviously the problems he listed down were all solved. The new iPhone come with 3G allowing faster data downloads without compromising cpu power and battery power. Enterprise support was already solved as well as the SDK for third party application developers. The next big announcement was the distribution of the iPhone in 70 countries! Lastly, and best of all, the iPhone is priced at a whoppingly cheap $199 for the 8GB and $299 for the 16GB. He also says that iPhones will be shipped to 22 countries starting July 11.

-> And as Steve Jobs’ keynotes always go, he ends with a video (reminds me of “1984 ”) of the new iPhone Ad.

And that’s the Stevenote for WWDC 2008.