Vzaar is Video Listing on Ebay

June 12th, 2008 at 12:00 am


Video listing is already made available on eBay made possible by the video bazaar company namely Vzaar. eBay users can now upload video either from a mobile phone, digital camera or video camera on their classified advertisements for free.

Uploading a video on one’s classified ads is easy. All that has to be done is sign up for Vzaar’s services through inputting the user’s eBay details. It is only after signing in at Vzaar that an eBay user can insert video footage on their advertisement.

Vzaar (video plus bazaar) is based in United Kingdom . The company is new in the growing crowded sector on line including its competitors namely Real People Real Stuff, SpynBuy and Imoondo. Unlike its competitors Vzaar aims to leverage and existing community in the face of eBay. This business movement by Vzaar is truly a very smart action.