Microsoft Issues Statement on Microhoo

June 13th, 2008 at 12:00 am

microsoft yahoo

As it is finally over, Yahoo and Microsoft part ways and issue press releases.  Yesterday, Yahoo said in their statement that they still could not reach an agreement with Microsoft and that they will be pursuing other interests.

Today, Microsoft released their statement confirming what Yahoo said and added that they are no longer interested in buying Yahoo.  However, they remain open to alternative deals.


“In the weeks since Microsoft withdrew its offer to acquire Yahoo!, the two companies have continued to discuss an alternative transaction that Microsoft believes would have delivered in excess of $33 per share to the Yahoo! shareholders.  This partnership would ensure healthy competition in the marketplace, providing greater choice and innovation for advertisers, publishers and consumers.

“As stated on May 3rd and reiterated on May 18th Microsoft was not interested in rebidding for all of Yahoo!.  Our alternative transaction remains available for discussion.” 

 [Via Microsoft]