AP Declares War on Blogging

June 17th, 2008 at 12:00 am

the associated press

The Associated Press is a cooperative of virtually all the best news publications in the world. Most of the time they provide free news on the internet which we see on Yahoo or Google or where ever. Recently, the AP announced its intention to harass bloggers who publish snippets as short as 39 words from AP stories.

Now they are taking it a lot further, they now published a web form through which intimidated parties can give the AP money in return for “permission” to publish as few as five words. [Making Light ]

Basically, the AP wants to define a clear standar as to how much of their content can be exerpted. Do they have the right to do this? I guess so but, I don’t like it. The internet has always been a wild west and I like it. Rules are enforced by smart people trying to stop crazy smart people from hacking in and the government well, kind of just watches from the sidelines and referees when there are complaints.

It’s been like that for a reason, how do you control millions and millions of internet users? or bloggers? How do you monitor plagiarism or copyright infringement? Well, I guess you can monitor it but can you do anything about it? Probably not, that’s why we can still copy and paste from anywhere we want and watch great movies for free online. This sounds like anarchy but at least it’s orderly. Ironic but it works for us and mostly everybody.

So what is it with the AP trying to charge $12.50 for 5 words excerpt? Well, some say that it’s the Third Reich all over again but I also believe them when they say, it’s like New Zealand trying to invade the US.