Top Gear Comes to Everyone

June 17th, 2008 at 12:00 am

top gear star in a reasonably priced car

I’ve always liked cars, I like driving them, shopping for them, everything but crashing them or repairing them.  I also am a fan of BBC’s Top Gear show.  I’d say, their presenters Jeremy Clarkson (Jezza), Richard Hammond (Hamster) and James May (Captain Slow), have the best chemistry in the business.

Anyway, on the show, Top Gear has celebrities over and Jezza interviews them about (what else?) cars.  As part of that interview, the stars are placed in a reasaonbaly priced car, a Suzuki Leana, worth 9900 quid, and have them drive around the Top Gear track.  These laps are timed and posted on a leader board.

I’ve always wanted to see how hard it would be to drive around that track. However, I’m no celebrity and I’m not British.

Now, it’s like half dream come true, BBC has a made a flash game on their website that lets anybody drive around the Top Gear track in the reasonably priced car.

I’ll say, ZOMG! It’s harder than I thought.  At first I was expecting it to be like Need for Speed, smoothly turning and screeching off down the straights.  But no, I couldn’t get past the first left hand turn!  I’ll be trying tonight.

Anyway, you too can be a star in Top Gear’s resonably priced car and compare your lap time with the rest of the world.