Is The iPhone The Way To Go?

June 18th, 2008 at 12:00 am

iphone killers

Ok, I don’t have an iPhone. I assumed that Apple’s first iPhone last year would simply be a stepping stone for a better one and I was right. Apple released the iPhone 3G last week and boy I got to admit, I want one. Actually the 3G feature was the only thing standing in my way of getting the first iPhone, so now that the package is complete, I’m thinking maybe it’s time to get one.

That being said, is the iPhone the way to go? Even the iPhone 3G has its flaws, lots of it. First, all that proprietary hardware and software they have to go with. Second, you’ll have to buy even the content just to make it look as good as you expected it to be. Then there’s the unchangeable batteries, the expansion card (though with 8GB, would you really need one?), the tactile controls, the camera, etc, and maybe other things along the way.

Looking beyond Steve Jobs’s colorful, jaw-dropping and charismatic keynotes, it becomes obvious that other manufacturers have created phones similar and even better than the iPhone. Are they any good? Very likely. Samsung has their Instinct, sexier than the iPhone, full touchscreen, 3G , WiFi, GPS and a 5 MP camera. There’s also the i780, QWERTY and touchscreen!

LG too has their line of iPhone competitors. LG Vu and Viewty are pretty much like fashion accessories that again have high resolution cameras, web capabilities and pretty much everything the iPhone has.

I could go on and on mentioning brand after brand and go as far as the upcoming Android-based phones (who knows what they’ll be like), but you get the point. The iPhone is a great phone, but there are better choices.