Yahoo Launches New Domains

June 19th, 2008 at 12:00 am


Yahoo just launched a additional domains for their email users.

In addition to "" Yahoomail users can now sign up for "" and  "" accounts.  Yahoo is the largest email provider in the world and virtually every user name in the "" domain has been taken.  Chances are if you sign up for a "" account, it’s already taken.

Yahoo’s solution is simple, add new domains.  Now users don’t have to sign up for user names with long number codes as suffixes.  With the new domains, your name is porobably still available.  You can sign up for "" or ""

Actually, I’ve already taken my name again.

This could also be a goldmine for domainers who can’t really get into the business.  With these new domains, it’s highly likely that nice user names can go on sale at auctions like eBay.

Well, at least somebody’s going to get rich.