Arrington VS The AP

June 20th, 2008 at 12:00 am

michael arrington

The Associated Press recently went to war with blogs and bloggers. They claim that posting excerpts of their articles on other blogs is unjust.  They are even saying that this is practice of copyright infringement and will prosecute those who violate.  For now they are just slapping a $12.50 fee on bloggers who post excerpts from AP articles.

Michael Arrington, founder and editor of TechCrunch, has been one of the most vocal activists against this recent move of the Associate Press.   He rallied all the bloggers to boycott the AP and even (along with others) play dirty by posting as much AP excerpts as they can on their blogs.

Indeed this war between bloggers and the AP  is getting some speed.  Arrington is on the front line like a madman with a point.

Anyway, even if Arrington did call for a boycott and some mischievous deeds, he’s still playing by the rules.  An by the rules means that he’s using them against the Associated Press. 

Recently,  Arrington found an AP article where his words (from his blog) were directly quoted.  In true Machiavellian style, Arrington retorted to this blasphemy of his work.  Now Arrington is sending a cease and desist order to the Associated Press and a $12.50 fine for the article.

Now this war is getting dirty and might I also say fun.