Developing More Effective Ads on Social Networks

June 24th, 2008 at 12:00 am

Social Network

Social networks have become a niche that advertisers want to break. The fact that social networks are composed of millions of people make them quite a gold mine when it comes to advertisements. But the way that advertising has been using this online medium might be considered relatively primitive so far. And it is a type of online advertising not being considered by a lot businesses so far, despite the fact that it has the ability to target more people.

With more and more people seemingly taking most of their time online in the various social networks out there, experts are trying hard to break the problem that concerns putting more effective online ads in such social networks. The problem may lie on ad reception on such sites. With people in social networks more concerned with meeting and hanging out with online friends on social networking sites, ads on such sites may suffer from poor reception.

Another problem faced by advertisers lies in social networks not being able to have total control over the content provided by personal members. And with traditional advertisers are very conscious as well as careful with they brand. They would not want to have online ads with their brands on them placed on social network pages that may contain inflammatory images or talk about highly-sensitive issues that may harm the brand.

It is the challenge that technology experts and media companies have to look into and find a way to address both problems. Solutions may mean making social advertising more attractive for businesses looking to expand their reach over the social network divide.

A possible way that may make a difference in social advertising is by understanding people’s relationships within social networks. Better advertisements on such social networks would seem to be those that may engage the people or members of the social networks. It could be made more interactive in order to become more attractive to get the attention of the people in social networks.

Another way that some experts see that may spur the effectiveness of social advertising is by trying to find out who among the people in the different social networks seem to be the most influential to their friends.

Media companies can then target the most influential members in the group to help spread the word about products and services that cater to their own interests and certain demographic. Quite an interesting twist to advertising online and on the social networks if ever the technology and the media experts may come up with such a suitable solution. It may seem that people with the most friends as well as the ones having the most influence among their circle of online friends may become the most sought-after online endorsers in the near future.