Yahoo and Microsoft Back in Talks, YHOO Stock Jumps

June 24th, 2008 at 12:00 am

microsoft yahoo

Microsoft and Yahoo are reportedly back in talks according to CNET .

After the end of the Microhoo fiasco , Yahoo went to Google and partnered up for a search engine deal. While Yahoo stockholders planned a revolution against the Yahoo Board and while Icahn and Bostock exchanged some harsh words on Jerry Yang, the YHOO stock has been on a record low and was not looking up. ‘Til now.

The YHOO stock jumped 8% from nearly $20 a share to $23 after reports said that Microsoft and Yahoo were back in talks. However, these talks are merely rumors and the source that came to CNET was not authorized to speak on Yahoo’s behalf. Nevertheless, this rumor of Microsoft and Yahoo discussing another buyout and not just some search engine collaboration has been enough to jack up the YHOO stock into a record high ever since Yahoo rejected Microsoft’s initial offer .

Anyway, right now it’s just a rumor of another buyout where according to TechCrunch, Microsoft is offering below the final amount they did before the first takeover talks collapsed .

Microsoft and Yahoo have not commented. Neither are confirming nor denying that they are in talks.