Blackberry Bold Delayed

June 25th, 2008 at 12:00 am

Blackberry bold

The next generation Blackberry that is supposed to be RIM’s answer to the iPhone 3G coming this July 11, is rumored to be delayed for release.  The Blackberry Bold is supposed to be released this July but problems with the software and overheating.

AT&T is the US partner of the Canada-based manufacturer to distribute the smartphone in the US.  According to Boy Genius , they received reports from some high level sources in AT&T that the Blackberry Bold is still having problems with its software, battery life and overheating and that AT&T has not certified it for distribution.  There are no reports however if Rogers will push through with the release of the Blackberry Bold in Canada.   So far there is nothing about it in their catalog.

This delay may totally affect RIM’s second quarter earnings especially with the iPhone 3G coming out around the world.  On July 11, Rogers will be unleashing the iPhone on Canadian soil, RIM’s home turf, and  if the Blackberry Bold isn’t yet available til August, many may be iPhone converts instead.