Multiply Introduces Back-up Service

June 25th, 2008 at 12:00 am

multiply logo

Multiply is one of the popular social networks thanks mainly to its focus on multimedia. The social network unlike the usual ones (Facebook, Myspace), has a distinctly different layout and approach to social networking having users concentrate on uploading photos, videos, music and blogs instead of the usual user profile.  Although generally, Multiply works the same way it’s just this attention to media-sharing that makes it stand out.

Today, Multiply introduces a new service that will reiterate and encourage its users to upload more media.  The new release will allow users both paid and free to back up their media files via a Adobe AIR application that scans the user’s hard drive for new photos and automatically uploading them to Multiply’s cloud storage without the user having to manually select and upload the files.

The newly uploaded media will be temporarily stored in a "Media Locker" tied to a user’s account where the user can organize the files and choosing which ones to share or hide.  Paid users will have their files stored in the locker indefinitely while free users will have 30 days to grab files from their lockers to post on their Multiply pages.