ICANN Rolls Out New Top Level Domains For The Rich

June 26th, 2008 at 12:00 am

icann logo

The Internet’s regulating organization ICANN , has just approved a proposal that will pave the way to fully customized top level domain names (TLD’s).  This means that URLs are no longer limited to .com, or .gov or .org or any other TLD we see today.  By next year, ICANN will be approving TLD’s that are virtually anything.

However, it’s not going to be open to everybody. ICANN is pushing that these new TLD is for big businesses only. Registering a  customized TLD would require the applicants to provide proof that they have a "business plan and technical capability" while a review board makes sure that the suffix is not offensive, and is not a copyright infringement.  The registration fee starts at $100,000 and sky’s the limit.

So these new customized top level domains will be for the big companies like www.live.microsoft or Microsoft.com could simply be Micro.soft.  IT just occurred to me, it’s weird to type those URLs.

ICANN’s approval comes after the domaining business hit new landmarks.  Go Daddy became the first registrar with 30 million domain names registered.   They are currently reporting that they are either renewing, registering or transferring at least 1 domain per second.

“These numbers really demonstrate how the Internet is alive and well, even in these rough financial times,” Bob Parsons, Go Daddy CEO and founder, commented.

It’s actually too early to say whether big companies would opt for customized TLD’s.  It’s still weird to type in the URL, www.burgers.mcdonalds or tech.journal.