After Bill Gates, Windows XP Retires

June 30th, 2008 at 12:00 am

windows xp professional sp2

It seems like everything familiar to us is leaving or ending at Microsoft.  First Bill Gates bows out and thanks his employees with tears in his eyes , and now, the OS that’s been the Microsoft flagship since 2003 and crowd darling still since Vista, is also bowing out.  Today, Microsoft will stop making making their popular OS Windows XP.

It’s been scheduled for a couple of years now and Steve Ballmer did announce that this day would come.  But if you ask the world, I bet they’ll say, "Why not stop producing Windows Vista instead?"  But no, Microsoft is still a private corporation and it’s not  up to the public to decide which they’ll continue to produce and discontinue.

So despite protests and a lot of rantings, Windows Vista will be the Microsoft Flagship until Windows 7 comes along sometime in 2009 (maybe).

At first, I was also pissed that Vista will be taking the spotlight after I’ve tried Vista and discovered that it was sloooooooooow and overly, absurdly, and annoyingly protective.  However, looking back, this was the same reaction I had when Windows 98 was being phased out and Windows XP was taking the helm.

So I guess it wouldn’t be too bad shifting to Vista.  But If  you still want XP, Dell and HP and other smaller PC makers are draining their supplies of machines bundled with XP.  However, you can also get a stripped down version of XP on ultra mobile PC’s such as the EeePC.

Full technical support  for XP will run all the way through 2009 and limited support til 2014.