Seth MacFarlane and Google Try Out a New Video Distribution Platform

June 30th, 2008 at 12:00 am

seth macfarlane family guy

Google will be trying out a new way of distributing both videos and ads. Google AdSense is now probably the best advertising platform that can reach a specific demographic at any given time. It’s infrastructure that lets Google and its publishers and advertisers all make money have been the lifeline of the Web2.0 revolution making sites self reliant instead of big-air-filled IPO’s.

Anyway, that same infrastructure will now be used in an experiment of Google on video distribution (and an enhancement of ad serving as well). In partnership with the creator of Fox’s popular cartoon series The Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane, a new cartoon series will be shown, not on tv, but only on web sites that Google Adsense thinks its target demographic would go.

Let’s break that down a bit. Google and Seth MacFarlane will be producing a new show. The show will run on the Google Adsense network, meaning only where there are Google ads. Of course, not all sites with Adsense targets the shows key demographic, according to the NY Times , "typically young men," so the new cartoon series will only be shown where Google’s contextual algorithm thinks it’s appropriate.

By the way, the title of the show is "Cavalcade of of Cartoon Comedy" or simply "Cavalcade." Each episode will be about 2 minutes long and could either have pre roll ads or overlay ads. And if it isn’t clear yet, the shows will play where Google Ads are displayed.

The project has massive potential, cartoons in the ad portion of the site is not something typical men can ignore and with the pre roll ads or overlay ads, advertisers will surely get the attention of their target audience.