California Passes Hands-Free Cellphone Law

July 1st, 2008 at 12:00 am

hands free driving redneck

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has passed a the law in his state of California that prohibits the use of calling on a cellphone without a hands free device while driving. California joins 32 other states in the US to have such a law. The law is effective July 1 2008, 12 AM.

Under the new law, drivers cannot have calls while driving with the phone pressed against their ear. However, it’s unclear if texting is also prohibited since drivers will be allowed to dial and place calls. A hands-free device must be used while engaging in a call while driving.

The new law will of course increase the sales of hands free devices both wired and wireless / bluetooth. Furthermore, will be giving away headsets for those who are fined in violation with the law.

fines will be imposed on those caught in violation of the new law. A $20 fine for the first offense and $50 for the next. However, different parts of California have different ways of dealing with violators. According to an interview by the LA Times , the LAPD will be more lenient in the following weeks giving out warnings first as part of a reeducation program, while the CHP (California Highway Patrol) will be enforcing the law fairly and aggressively.

For younger drivers however, the law has a certain twist: ABSOLUTELY no use of mobile devices for drivers 18 and below.