Google Employee Personal Information Stolen

July 4th, 2008 at 12:00 am

identity theft

Google is not having the best of luck these days.  After being ordered by a court to hand over user information to Viacom in a lawsuit, they’ve lost more private information in another incident.

Employment records kept in computers at Colt Express Outsourcing services office were stolen on May 26 this year.  Colt Express is a third party human resources company where Google outsourced recruitment and HR services to prior to 2006.  Included in the stolen records at the Colt Express office are those of Google employees hired prior to 2006.  Employee information included, names, addresses, and Social Security numbers.  The exact number of employee records stolen is unknown.

Furthermore,  CNET, who apparently outsources to the same company has 6500 of its employees records stolen at the same burglary.

Google has offered to cover the cost of a one-year subscription to a credit report and identity theft-monitoring service. Similar benefits were offered to CNET Networks employees. [CNET]

Finally, a Google representative had this to say, "We take the security of our employees very seriously and require outside vendors to meet appropriate security standards. We review and update these standards on an ongoing basis.  Google is not currently using Colt’s services and had made this decision long before this incident."