Google Talk Comes to the iPhone

July 4th, 2008 at 12:00 am

google talk on iphone

The Apple App Store will be launching in just a bit and it will be the driving force behind the success of the newest iPhone3G as a mobile internet device (MID).

So it’s not surprising that web giants regardless of their own clout and rivalries bend over for the shiny new iPhone.  Why not? It is a great phone.  Even Google is optimizing a service for them.  Google Mobile has just released an iPhone optimized version of their instant messaging service Google Talk.

This is a huge leap and a lot of bragging rights for the iPhone, it took Google a year to convince themselves to unleash one of their services on the iPhone platform.  This move also reassures Apple that Google might be accepting defeat knowing that Google is about to release their own mobile platform, Android.

Anyway, it’s still good news everywhere that Google Talk is now available on the iPhone platform .  However, it may  not exactly be the best IM client for a mobile device.  First, it has to be browser-based.  Now this is good because it means no more installation, but this also means that the browser should always be on.  Second, it’s free and all if you’re using wifi but with the new data plans, you might need to go 3G and pass through the carrier to access the web to stay on line all the time.

Still, Google Talk on the iPhone is a great service.  Engineers at Google Mobile tried to give users the best experience including a searchable quicklist just like on a desktop and manage conversations tab.