Rogers Getting The Cold Shoulder from Apple

July 8th, 2008 at 12:00 am

iphone canada

A lot of Canadians were excited to know that they will be on of the 22 countries that will be the first to receive the Apple iPhone 3G this Friday July 11th.  Plans have been made by Apple’s Canadian wireless service partner Rogers that will make July 11th a big bang for Canadaian iPhone fans.

However there was one glitch that pissed off the peace loving people of the maple leaf.  Rogers service plan for the iPhone is utterly outrageous, outrageous enough that the docile, kind, non-warlike Canadians started a petition against Rogers .  The Rogers plan for the iPhone costs $60 a month and you get virtually nothing, 150 talk time minutes, 75 text messages and 400 megabytes of data downloads.

This service plan was such a rip off that not only did the Canadians make a petition, even Apple thinks so.  It’s unclear why there were no ground rules between Apple and its partners but apparently Apple claims that it’s not them screwing the Canadians but Rogers since it’s their plan anyway.  To prove that point and save face, Apple is rerouting most of the Canadian iPhone shipment to Europe.  Rogers stores will still be selling the iPhone on July 11th but with limited stocks only, 10 to 20 per store.

Apple is depriving Rogers of iPhones in order to force Rogers to partner with their Fido brand and come up with a more sound plan for the iPhone. "Unlimited plans could end up costing customers more for what they don’t use," the spokeswoman argues. "Our iPhone plans more than accommodate the vast majority of customers."

It’s also not clear how Apple would control carrier rip-offs around the world.  In New Zealand, their plansa re more outrageous but they’ll till be getting stock a day before the US gets their hands on the iPhone 3G. 

However, Rogers claims that their plan is better than most and would benefit a great mjority of the Canadian consumers.  They claim that they do not want to provide so much that consumers may regret not using.