Twitter Might Buy Summize

July 8th, 2008 at 12:00 am

summize twitter search

Ah yes, Twitter.  Twitter is a microblogging service that somehow made a great impact on bloggers this recent year.  A lot of people enjoy it and say that it is innovative as the internet itself.  Some say that it’s just a fun application and mostly useless and unbankable.  There are a lot of opinions about Twitter and their recent acquisition of $15 million proves two sides, it’s a great bankable product, and we might be in a bubble yet again.

Twitter actually is having a lot of problems, aside from not having a clear business model, it’s infrastructure is not stable yet.  In fact, when I tried to log on this morning I saw a bunch of birds carrying a whale (meaning they were over loaded) again.

Still, a rumor bigger than Twitter folding has been spreading like wildfire across tech blogs (thanks mostly to Twitter) recently. The source of the gossip is a relatively previously unknown blog, Josh Chandler’s Blog.  He claims that according to his source who apparently is close to the people making the deal, Twitter is in talks with Summize for a possible acquisition.  There are no other details yet but the possibility makes a lot of sense.

A lot of sense that the most respectable blogs jumped on the story.  TechCrunch says it makes sense, so does the Inquisitr , Webware and GigaOm.

BTW, Summize is a conversation search engine for Twitter built on the Twitter API.  Apparently, unlike Friendfee, which basically is a Twitter clone and spin-off, Twitter still does not have a conversation search engine of its own.  So, does it make sense for Twitter to buy Summize?  I’d have to agree with the Inquisitr that it’s more of a talent buy.