iPhone 3G Reviews Are Out

July 9th, 2008 at 12:00 am

mossberg iphone review

As expected, the top three gadget reviewers from the three biggest papers in the US rolled out their reviews for the the iPhone 3G.

Like last year, Walt Mossberg, David Poque and Ed Baig had first dibs on the iPhone.  This year, they get the same privileges, Apple has sent each one of them an early version of the iPhone 3G 2 days before the official launch so they can criticize it and well, generate a hype around it.

So, generally the reviewers played around with it, doing tests consumers would understand so no benchmarking or timing to the nanosecond how fast the gadget reacted.  Just a simple practical review for the average user who will be shelling out $199-$499 for the coveted touchscreen phone.

Here are their conclusions.

First, from the Wall Street Journal, Walt Mossberg says, "If you’ve been waiting to buy an iPhone until it dropped in price, or ran on faster cell networks, you might want to take the plunge, if you can live with the higher service costs and the weaker battery life. The same goes for those with existing iPhones who love the device but crave faster cellular data speeds. But if you already own an iPhone, and can usually use Wi-Fi for data, you probably should hold off and get the free software upgrade before deciding whether it’s worth getting the new hardware." 

New York Times’ David Poque had this to say:

"So the iPhone 3G is a nice upgrade. It more than keeps pace with advancing technology, and new buyers will generally be delighted.

But it’s not so much better that it turns all those original iPhones into has-beens. Indeed, the really big deal is the iPhone 2.0 software and the App Store, neither of which requires buying a new iPhone. That twist may come as a refreshing surprise to planned-obsolescence conspiracy theorists — and everyone who stood in line last year. " 

Edward C. Baig of USA Today simplifies his view on the iPhone 3G:

"Pro: Faster and cheaper. Business-friendly. Access to third-party applications. GPS. Improved contacts search. Parental controls. Better sound. Still great browser, photo viewer and iPod. Visual voice mail.

Con: Slow network when 3G or Wi-Fi are out of reach. Lacks video camera, voice calling, memory expansion slot, removable battery. Doesn’t support Adobe Flash and some other Web video standards. Some older accessories won’t charge device. " 

And so that’s what the professionals had to say. I’d say, if you don’t have an iPhone, buy one, but wait ’til after everybody else gets one.   If you already have the first iPhone, sell it.