Fake Steve Says Good Bye

July 10th, 2008 at 12:00 am

dan lyons fake steve

Dan Lyons made headlines when he was exposed as the author of the blog called The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs .  In the blog, he has been writing from the assumed perspective of Apple CEO Steve Jobs.  Many though it was really Steve Jobs but Lyons admitted to be Fake Steve in December 2007, a year and half after the blog was launched.

Though there was an expose by the New York Times in August 2007 about Lyons being Fake Steve, the blog continued and still stirred some controversy until Lyons admittance.  

The final post of the blog is still written in the Fake Steve persona.  He says, "My goodness I am so high it’s not funny. Apologies for all the confusion lately and much love to the many folks who have written in asking, Dude, what the hell is going on with the blog? There’s no big scandal or anything. It’s just I tried to add a new permission for "Real Dan" to post some items on the Fake Steve blog and somehow "Real Dan" gained admin privileges and Fake Steve appears to have been wiped out and is unable to log back in." 

Of course the blog post is still written in the half serious flair which gained its popularity.

Lyons has made the Secret Diary of Steve Jobs into a cultural phenomenon and has also tried doing a Fake Jerry Yang.  However, for his reasons, he will be on hiatus from doing "Fake" blogs and will be quitting his job at Forbes and joining Newsweek.

In his last post, he ends with his last, “Namaste to all. Much love. Peace out.”