Stanford Chooses Yahoo Despite Ties with Google

July 10th, 2008 at 12:00 am

stanford university

College alumni are usually loyal to their alma maters. However, it’s a one way street.

Stanford, the University that’s produced countless leaders and innovators in the US has chosen YahooMail as their campus-wide email system over Gmail. This decision comes despite the fact that the Google founders have close ties with the university.

According to an announcement , Stanford has opted to use Zimbra to power their email and calendar interface. Zimbra is a Yahoo property acquired last year for $350 million.

"Information Technology Services has begun the rollout of a new e-mail and calendar service that will replace Webmail and Sundial (Oracle Calendar) in phases for all campus computer users over the next nine months. Powering the integrated web-based e-mail and calendar interface is a technology product called Zimbra."

Stanford cites that the decision was purely technical and had nothing to do with the any grudge against Google.

"Zimbra was selected because the technology allows access to e-mail, calendar and contact lists from a single, unified web interface—enabling easy sharing of information among the various services, according to Ammy Hill, campus readiness specialist for IT Services. She added that Zimbra is an open-source, standards-based solution that works equally well on Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems."

The Google boys have not commented on the matter.