Viacom Doesn’t Want YoutTube Data

July 11th, 2008 at 12:00 am

viacom youtube battle

In a recent court order issued to YouTube in the legal battle they are fighting with Viacom, Youtube has been compelled to provide all user data for Viacom.

Youtube and many of its users were disappointed by the court order and feared that if YouTube gave up its users’ data and IP addresses as ordered, many Youtubers would be in danger.   This lead to a lot of Youtubers blaming Viacom.

However, despite the court order, Viacom does not want the data.  In a press release , Viacom says:

"A recent discovery order by the Federal Court hearing the case of Viacom v. YouTube has triggered concern about what information will be disclosed by Google and YouTube and how it will be used. Viacom has not asked for and will not be obtaining any personally identifiable information of any YouTube user. The personally identifiable information that YouTube collects from its users will be stripped from the data before it is transferred to Viacom. Viacom will use the data exclusively for the purpose of proving our case against YouTube and Google." 

Furthermore, Viacom and Google have been in talks about a framework where they could both share the data wherein Viacom will only have access to the data they need, meaning everything else except any identifiavle information about a Youtuber.

Any which way, I believe that Viacom has the right to do so and the sooner this case closes in favor of either Viacom or Google / Youtube, the better.