MobileMe Hits Snag With Transition Problems

July 14th, 2008 at 12:00 am


Just when people were getting excited with the recent move of Apple’s .Mac service accounts to the new MobileMe or .Me accounts, the users didn’t seem to experience a smooth transition as certain issues began to crop up with the recent migration to the new service. Users of the MobileMe service seem to have problems regarding the syncing of their calendars from the service to their Apple gadgets as just among other issues.

The scheduled turnover of the old account into the new MobileMe service was said to be last Wednesday, July 9 at around 6 pm to 12MN PDT. But then it was moved to 8 pm to 2 pm. Some even complained that the service became inaccessible at one point with users not being able to access some features of their previous .Mac accounts. The said transition was said to be fully done by Friday, with the new features such as the "push" synchronization working fully well. Holders of .Mac accounts were assured that the said transition to the new MobileMe service would not hamper or change their old .Mac accounts. But the opposite seems to be true with, at least with what some of the users experienced initially.

It was not the only issue that bothered users on the transition to the new MobileMe service. It seems that the new service have been experiencing technical issues regarding syncing the iCal feature into their gadgets. At some point, syncing the subscription calendars from the Mac to the iTouch or iPhone do not seem to work. Calendars synched wirelessly from the Mac via MobileMe Sync do not seem to appear on the iPhone or iTouch.

Other similar issues became a rampant complaint that marred the release of Apple’s MobileMe. It’s not a good way to run a new service that users pay annual fees for. Subscribers should just hope that its not a permanent thing and would be resolved once the transition has been fully realized.