Price Slash For The Xbox 360

July 14th, 2008 at 12:00 am

Xbox 360

Microsoft announced on Sunday that it will be cutting the price of its Xbox 360 Pro model by as much as a fifty moolahs in US denominations. This price slash is for the 20GB hard drive model that would be sold from $349 to $299. This would attract people into buying this gaming console in case they do not have it yet.

But wait, the announcement came in the heels of the introduction of the new Xbox console with a 60 GB hard drive which will be sold in stores in the US and Canada sometime in August. The new consoles will be selling for $349.

Even before the announcement, rumors of the price cut have already been circulating among some gaming blogs with pictures taken from several stores having fliers advertising the Xbox at the new $299 price tag. This move might put the gaming console into high gear of getting more gamers into its fold.

The price cut might also be seen as a wise move to clear up old inventories of the gaming console to make way for the new Xbox in time for its release in August. Things might be getting interesting again for the gaming console wars. Microsoft aiming to catch up with Sony PS3 and the Nintendo Wii, both of which have their own issues to resolve. PS3 recently experienced problems with its firmware updates while the still strong Wii may be suffering from the consequences of its initial quick success, the sudden lack of interesting gaming titles available for its millions of gamers that has some of them getting bored and frustrated.

Well, it would be a see-saw battle from then on to see who eventually gets world domination. But that’s putting it to the extreme. Survival may just be the aim for these gaming consoles right now. Let’s just wait and see in a year or two perhaps.