Apple Steps Up to 3rd Place in US Desktop Market

July 17th, 2008 at 12:00 am

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The desktop computer market is still the biggest of all computer markets in any country and all around the world. Hence the significance of a manufacturer being the top seller is definitely a great business marker.

Apple as a desktop computer manufacturer makes high end, almost always more expensive, flashy and fashionable, Macs that are renowned to be better with multimedia. Since Microsoft launched MS DOS as the PC standard back in the 1980’s, Apple and it’s Macs have never had a silver lining until they released the iMac, which for its great looks and Microsoft friendly OS, helped the Cupertino based company gain significant market share again.

Fast forward more than 10 years of Macs, Stevenotes, iPods and iPhones, Apple has once again proven to be a viable alternative to the PC-Windows-based generation. People are now considering buying Macs over PCs. And a lot of them in the US have been sold into the Mac.

Apple reports that they have sold about 1.4 million Macs in the 3Q 2008 alone. Apple is now rated number three on the desktop computer manufacturers leaderboard in the US.

The top five desktop manufacturers in the US now are Dell 31.9%, HP 25.3%, Apple 8.5%, Acer / Gateway 8.5%, Toshiba 5.1%. The percentages represent the market share.

8.5% compared to 31.9% may not be a big deal, but for Apple and its Macs it is. All other manufacturers on this list simply make money off the hardware they sell while Apple makes money on the hardware and the software. Hence, Apple having a nearly 10% marketshare makes it a more profitable business than the others.