Cuba and Venezuela to Lay Undersea Internet Cable

July 18th, 2008 at 12:00 am

cuba venezuela undersea cable

Cuba and Venezuela are teaming up on a project that will foster relationships between the two countries and surrounding countries accrording to a Wikileaks article.

Cuba is still a communist state which makes them an enemy of the United States.  As a world power, the US has placed an economic embargo on the small island nation.   Included in that embargo is the lack of telecommunication cables hence hampering the Cubans access to high speed  internet.  Cubans are relying on their slow and old phone network for dial up connections or slow and new satellite uplink connections.  Basically, internet  wise, Cuba is struggling.

However, to circumnavigate around this problem, the Cubans have teamed up with the Venezuelans to lay an undersea cable connecting the two countries.  The cable will run 1500 kilometers under the Carribean passing through Haiti, Jamaica and Trinidad who will also benefit from the cable.

Cuban and Venezuelan telecom companies have already signed documents approving the plan for the undersea cable.  CVG Telecom (Corporacion Venezolana de Guyana) and ETC (Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba) will be deploying the cable in 2009 and will have the information highway open by 2010.

Cuba remained to be real closed on their internet policy up until recently.  When fidel Castro retired as leader of the nation, his brother Raul Castro took the helm and allowed Cubans to own computers and have an internet connection.  However, the only internet connections available were slow and relied on Cuba’s old teephone network.

This undersea cable plan will surely bring Cubans a whole new internet experience, so too will the Caribbean islands in the cable’s path.  Also, the new undersea cable is being built as a strategic partnership between Cuba and Venezuela to encourage an interchange between the two governments; foster science, cultural and social development; and increase economic relationships among Cuba, its South American neighbors, and the rest of the world.