Facebook Launches New Design

July 21st, 2008 at 12:00 am


Facebook quietly released the new evolution in their homepage design sometime this Sunday.  Not all users’ home pages were changed yet, the new design can be taken for a test drive here .

The new design is reminiscent of life streaming and microblogging sites Twitter and Friendfeed.  The whole page now revolves mainly around feeds and the layout encourages users to update their status as often as possible.  “We’ve made the changes rolling out today in order to highlight the most recent and relevant information that users value, give users even more control and ownership over their profiles and simplify the user experience,” said Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. “Facebook’s new design makes it a lot easier for users to share information, and we encourage them to check it out.”

Actually it is not surprising that Facebook has taken this redesign and deviating from the usual social network format and focusing on feeds rather than profiles.  Besides, Facebook already had the status updates that’s basically a Twitter.  All they did now was highlight that feature and in doing so compete directly against Twitter and Friendfeed.  Moreover, with Facebook’s multi million user base, it’s very possible that Facebook could become a strong contender against other microblogging / life streaming services.

The press release explains the redesign and some of its features.  All in all, it’s interesting and would actualy renew many users’interest in using Facebook’s features.