Get Well Soon Steve Jobs

July 23rd, 2008 at 12:00 am

steve jobs ill sick thin cancer

Issues regarding Apple Inc. CEO’s health are getting out of hand.  In 2003, Steve Jobs was diagnosed with some pancreatic cancer which was subsequently removed.  Since then, Mr. Jobs has managed to completely recover and stay cancer free and give us more iPods, iPhones and MacBooks.

However, during the last Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, Steve Jobs’ appearance for his keynote speech to introduce the new iPhone 3G was noticeably ill.  Many then speculated that the cancer had come back and that the CEO’s life was in danger.

Apple has been quiet about the matter and during the WWDC had a statement that Jobs simple had the "common bug" causing him a fever and some weight loss.  Moreover, though unofficially, sources say that Jobs had undergone a major surgical procedure this year that was supposed to remove that which was causing his weight loss.

Unfortunately, this was not enough to shed any doubts on his health and due to that, Apple’s stock went down a bit.

Steve Jobs  is a rare breed and a unique CEO for his company Apple.  It goes without saying that Apple’s success with the iMac, iPod, iTunes, iPhone and MacBook, are all thanks to Steve Jobs’ vision.  Hence whatever happens to Steve Jobs affects Apple and concerns its investors.

Now, I believe that it is Steve Jobs’ right to tell the truth about his health when he feels the time is right or if he ever thinks of telling at all.  And regardless of the stocks, the products and Apple, I think that the public should be putting their attention on Steve Jobs’ recovery from the "common bug" rather than what happens to the company if he’ll be gone.

So, get well soon Mr. Jobs!