Microsoft Acquires DATAllegro

July 25th, 2008 at 12:00 am


Microsoft made an announcement today that they have acquired data warehousing firm DATAllegro. The acquisition is in line with Microsoft’s efforts to improve and extend its data platform making it easier and more cost-effective for customers of all sizes to manage and glean insight from the ever-expanding amount of data generated by and for businesses, employees and consumers.

Microsoft has not dominated teh enterprise level data services market and they are aggressively moving to change that. They are rapidly building out their data services infrastructure with strategic acquisitions including hte purchase of data intelligence firm Zoomix. Techcrunch says, "The data and storage division at Microsoft is growing rapidly, and with the upcoming release of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and an agressive marketing push they should be able to steadily chip away market share from Oracle in the enterprise market."

Moreover, the acquisition of DATAllegro puts Microsoft at large disadvantage especially because of DATAllegro’s unique product range. Instead of providing the usual 1-25 terabyte products most data warehouses do, DATAllegro’s data warehouse appliance installations boast some of the largest data volume capacities in the industry — up to hundreds of terabytes on a single system. DATAllegro clients span such markets as retail, telecommunications and manufacturing.

“DATAllegro is a tremendously innovative company that has started to redefine the data warehouse market,” said Ted Kummert, corporate vice president of the Data and Storage Platform Division at Microsoft. “Microsoft SQL Server 2008 delivers enterprise-class capabilities in business intelligence and data warehousing, and the addition of the DATAllegro team and its technology will take our data platform to the highest scale of data warehousing."