Two Dead as Bombs Explode In India

July 25th, 2008 at 12:00 am


Eight bombs exploded in succession today in India’s IT center of Bangalore killing at least two people and injuring dozens.

"In all these cases they have created the blast using timer devices," Bangalore Commissioner of Police Shankar Bidari told reporters at the site of one of the blasts. "Explosives have also been used, in quantity equal to one or two grenades."

Bangalore is known as the World’s Back Office also known as India’ Silicon Valley where many tech companies have set up shop including Intel, Microsoft and India’s own Infosys.  Aside from these big players, Bangalore is also home to hundreds of call centers, outsourcing companies and back offices which mostly support the western world’s  needs.

There have been a number of bombings in India in the past months but those were mostly targeted at Hindu or Muslim centers as the rift between New Delhi and Islamabad remains a volatile time bomb.  The bombs in Bangalore make it difficult to name suspects.  India’s home ministry said it suspected "a small militant group" was behind the attacks, but gave no details. [Reuters]

Several IT firms, as well as schools, colleges and cinemas, closed after news of the blasts broke. Phone lines were jammed.