Multiply Accuses Facebook for Stealing Their Design and Features

July 28th, 2008 at 12:00 am

facebook multiply

Facebook recently redesigned their site offering what they claim is a better way to use their services ad highlights the social media features of the social network.  Also, they recently filed a lawsuit against a German social network for copying their look and feel.

Ironically, Multiply is accusing Facebook the same thing.  In an email sent to Read/Write Web,  Multiply rants about how Facebook keeps ripping them off.  They say that they always come up with an innovation then a few months later, Facebook does the same thing.

"Multiply launched its proprietary newsfeed in August of 2004, when the site launched. Two years later, Facebook introduced a similar, yet more basic, news feed for its users. Blogging, one of Multiply’s core features since launch, was introduced to Facebook more than 20 months later, and video sharing, a Multiply feature since June 2005, was introduced on Facebook nearly 16 months later. In September 2004, Multiply introduced photo printing services for its users, something that Facebook implemented two years later. In its most recent enhancement, "New Facebook" features several changes – both aesthetically and functionally – that make Facebook look and feel even more like Multiply."

However, no legal action has been taken (yet, at least).  Multiply may be sour graping on the fact that Facebook is getting more buzz and users everyday.  Multiply now ranks as the 5th largest social network and Facebook’s at the top (sometimes fluctuating to second).

On the other hand, Multiply may have come up with ingenious innovations in the past which they do deserve credit for but when somebody else improves on that, you can’t really blame them for gettiing more attention can you?  It’s like the wheel of a carriage and the wheel of a car, they’re both wheels but one is better than the other.