MicMicrosoft Conducts The Mojave Experiment

July 29th, 2008 at 12:00 am

windows vista logo button

Microsoft stopped producing its best, fastest and most stable platform a month ago.  Today, Windows XP is no more, and Vista has officially taken the flagship position in Microsoft’s armada.  However, Windows Vista, having been released for more than a year now, has not had the best runs of all.  Microsoft was expecting early adopters of the new OS instead what they got were waves upon waves of downgraders who wanted the more stable and reliable Windows XP.  That went well until last month, until Microsoft finally had the guts to pull the plug on XP.

So now it’s just Vista and the crowds aren’t enthusiastic about it unlike the upgrade from Windows 98 to XP, people are still worried about Vista.  Microsoft of course says its not that bad after all and so do a lot of people who have adopted it.  However, Vista has a stigma that most of the public cannot shake off.  So what does Microsoft do?  They can’t just roll out a new OS especially if the next one is still on the drawing board.  In comes the marketing, and what better way to convince people that Vista is great than conducting a legitimate and deceptive scientific experiment.

Microsoft is convinced that the Vista stigma is mostly psychological.  So they perform a psychological test they call the Mojave Experiment.  

Here’s the trick, Microsoft will take a test group of people who think they are trying out a new Microsoft OS codenamed "Mojave" which they will assume is the new and upcoming Windows 7.  They will be recording the subjects’ reactions and do some kind of rating.  The catch is, it’s not really, Windows 7, project Mojave is simply Windows Vista.

This experiment however crude is a psychological test closely related to the infamous Milgram Experiment, where Stanford researcher Stanley Milgram fooled subjects into believing that a fake situation was actually real. That experiment has been the subject of decades of ethics debates.

Results of the experiment are at Mojave’s own site,  and the general reaction is both hilarious and creepy.  For what it’s worth, the average rating Mojave received from its test subjects was 8.5 while Vista got 4.5.  Weird, considering it’s completely the same thing.