Cuil Gets its First Knockoff, Yuil

July 31st, 2008 at 12:00 am

yuil logo cuil mashup boss api

Cuil, caused a lot of headlines on Monday after it unleashed its 120+ billion search engine index on Sunday.  Many say and they claim that they are better than Google or at least are right behind Google search in terms of performance.  However, that’s just hype.  A lot of bloggers tried out the new search engine over the course of the week and everybody’s saying the same thing, Google is better and Cuil needs to grow up.

Today, somebody is riding on the Cuil hype wave just for traffic.  Regardless if Cuil’s performace sucked, it cannot be denied that the Cuil buzz is still a hot one and if you can divert that to your own needs, then you get a free marketing boost.  This is exactly what the mashup Yuil did.  Made by Yahoo VP of platforms Sam Pullara, Yuil is a knockoff of Cuil taking its design and results presentation.  However, the Y in Yuil stand for Yahoo!.  The Yuil search engine is a Yahoo! search engine in a Cuil shell.  Meaning, basically, it’s better than Cuil.

Yahoo! search is still the 2nd biggest adn best search engine in the market.  Their recent partnership with Google onle enhances that fact (and the fact that Google is still the best) and even Microsoft is crapping in its pants. So Cui basically is no match for the Yuil mashup.

Pullara, is not so serious about competing with Cuil.  The whole mashup is simply to demonstrate Yahoo’s recently released BOSS API.  BOSS is unique among search engine APIs, giving developers an unprecedented level of control over results generated by Yahoo’s search engine.

And like I said, Yuil is not so serious.  After a couple of hours going up, it’s now dead.  Pullara says in his blog that he’s taken the mashup down.