Facebook Launches New Feed Filters

July 31st, 2008 at 12:00 am

feed filters facebook

Facebook’s new design has been up for a week now and it’s got a lot of new features that are hard to exploit without them telling us exactly what it is.  A lot of the new design has some functionality that generally makes the Facebook platform a better and more efficient means of life streaming.  Taking up the example of Twitter, Facebook has also gone into microblogging by expanding their status updates into a Twitter/Friendfeed-like news feed.

Facebook’s previous design was ok.  It had what its users needed.  Now the redesign focuses on what its users wanted.  The success of Twitter and Friendfeed (maybe even Multiply) has played a great role on the new design of Facebook.

During the f8-08 Facebook convention, Mark Zuckerberg ran through the redesign and gave us an overview of the feed filters in the new news feed.  The filters are designed for the user  to sift through the huge amount of data by categories.  Currently, the following news feeds are available, Top Stories, Status Updates, Photos and Posted Items. Each tab filters your friends’ stories as you would expect.

However, these filters are just starters.  Zuckerberg did show some other filters during the f8-08 and those will be added soon according to the InsideFacebook blog

Nevertheless, the filters are useful.  Fore those who have uber active friends on facebook that tell everyone about everything that ‘s going on or post pictures like a video camera, the filters are useful for others to sort through all the feeds that appear on our home page.  The only problem I see is, it’s not as fast as Twitter or Friendfeed.  Of course, Facebook will be addressing this soon.