YouTube Acquires Omnisio

August 1st, 2008 at 12:00 am

youtube omnisio 

Omnisio is an impressive Web2.0 product that lets its users make videos more interactive.  It used to be incubated at Y Combinator and recently launched to the public in March.  Today, 4 months after launching, they’ve been scooped up by every video site’s dream, Google-backed Youtube for a rumored price of $15 million in cold hard cash.

Youtube is still the web’s largest repository for online video.  It’s been scooped up by Google last year and no other video site can beat it.  However, in recent months, video sites have gone to greater lengths to take on Youtube.  Sites like Viddler and Blip.TV have been offering different interactive services such as video annotations and comments that are integrated in the videos themselves.  this technology was not pursued by Youtube before.  However, to remain leader in its field, Youtube has seen the importance of these interactive features and have consequently acquired Omnisio, a company that does exactly what they need.

According to the Youtube blog, "It’s in this spirit that we’re thrilled to announce Google’s purchase of Omnisio, a small California-based startup that’s focused on making online video more useful and collaborative. The Omnisio team has tremendous technical expertise when it comes to advanced video tools and having this kind of talent at YouTube should help us further explore ways to enhance your YouTube experience."

Videos and accounts on the Omnisio site have been suspended and apparently already transferred to Youtube.