IOC Launches Olympic channel on YouTube

August 4th, 2008 at 12:00 am

beijing olympics ioc

Can’t make it to China this Friday? Don’t worry, you can watch the olympics on YouTube.

The International Olympics Committee (IOC) wants to have the olympic coverage reach as many people as possible. Aside from broadcasting the Beijing 2008 Olympics on all kinds of television, including HD and mobile, the IOC is also launching their own YouTube channel.

"From 6 August 2008, the IOC will broadcast a selection of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games clips as Video On Demand (VOD). The IOC’s Channel will be available on YouTubeTM, geo-blocked within each territory, at: "

Well, it’s not available to all due to television contracts but it is better tahn nothing. Apparently this move did not at all cause a stir with the Chinese communist regime who will be hosting the Olympics this year, which is a great thing especially after all the drama with the censored internet access in the Olympic Village’s Press Center (which has already been resolved by the way).

Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS), a wholly owned subsidiary of the IOC, will produce regularly updated Olympic content. The package will include highlights, news and daily clips of the competitions, available throughout the 17-day period of the Games.

This system was already put on test last Olympics in Athens. Back then it was only available in a few territories. However, this time it will be available world wide for free provided by the rights-holding broadcasters and/or directly via the IOC’s Channel.

IOC Director of Television and Marketing Services, Timo Lumme said: “The IOC’s priority is to ensure that as many people as possible get to experience the magic of the Olympic Games and the inspirational sporting achievements of the Olympic athletes. For the first time in Olympic history we will have complete global online coverage, and the IOC will have its own broadcast Channel and content production facilities. The IOC’s Channel will make fantastic Olympic footage available where young generations of sports fans are already going for online entertainment, and will complement the footage offered in these territories by our broadcast partners across all media platforms.”